Neck Cooling Ties for Hot Flash Relief

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Beat the Heat with our Neck Cooler Ties. Acts like your own personal air conditioner for the body!!

Special Price: 3 Cool Neck Ties for $ 20. 

Perfect for sports, working, gardening, yard work, camping, sunbathing, walking the dog, anywhere and anytime you need to stay cool! Ties work with the natural power of evaporation to stay cool, so they are perfectly safe for all people, children, and pets.


Cooling Neck Ties for Hot Flash Relief!  Also, a fashion Scarf that adds a casual feel to an outfit.  If you’re out on a summer day, grab one and put it on to beat the heat.  Acts like your own personal air conditioner for the body!!

Special Price: 3 Cool Neck Ties or 3 Hearts for $ 20. 

We recommend our Neck Cooler Ties to provide relief to people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, hormonal or menopausal women who experience hot flashes, migraine sufferers, and those who frequently work outside or in hot areas like kitchen or laundry staff. When worn around the neck, the tie cools the blood in your carotid arteries flowing to and from your brain – literally, it prevents your brain from overheating. These key arteries are connected to the rest of your body and the cooled blood carries on to cool the rest of your body.

Each tie measures about 40 inches long and 2 inches wide. These are filled with non-toxic polymer crystals in the middle 18 inches of the tie. Tie closure for personal fit around the neck or head. Made from cotton/cotton blend material. Also available with Velcro closure.

How it Works:
Worn around the neck or forehead, the Neck Cooling Tie continually pulls the heat out of your bloodstream as it rushes past the veins in your neck. The coolness circulates throughout your whole body and brings your body temperature down to a comfortable level all day long. You literally get cooled from the inside out!

We suggest you have at least 3 cool ties stored in your ice chest cooler or refrigerator so when the tie being worn reaches body temperature, exchange it for the one in the cooler.

Store hydrated ties in the refrigerator or ice cooler between uses. Do Not Freeze.
To clean, simply rinse off with a couple of drops of mild soap or shampoo. When no longer needed, hang it on a towel rod or doorknob to dry out. Once all water is evaporated, keep it in an airy place. Re-hydrate for the next hot season. (I have  one of mine for 10 years (fabric is 100% poly)).

Just Wet and Wear our Neck Cooling Ties!
Each body cooler contains crystals that absorb water and release it slowly throughout the day. Just place your Cool Neck Coolers in a bowl of water for 10 minutes or so  Every few minutes move the crystals through the Cool Neck Coolers so it will hydrate evenly. The crystals, which expand to more than 400 times their original weight, store enough water to continually keep you cool for a full day. Pictured here: How to hydrate for ready to use

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If you have a sports organization or fundraising program and would like to use cool ties for your group sales, please contact me. Wholesale orders welcomed.

Thank you for visiting my shop and have a cool time this summer!