Sew in Love with Handmade Quilted Coats

One of my favorite parts of the cottage core trend is the resurrection of quilted coats. I am so happy to find out the rest of the fashion world is finally giving this coat style the day in the sun it deserves! I think you’ll be surprised how this trend can find a place in any wardrobe, trust me.

Quilt jackets are not required to look frumpy or inspired by your grandma’s bedroom, don’t you worry. Even high fashion brands are embracing this current trend because nothing is quite as timeless as an actual nod to the good old days, spun in a modern new way. 

I don’t know about you, but I could use some extra padding for this year! It doesn’t hurt that quilt coats are warm and cozy, too, which we all need as we head into a much colder season. Just imagine being able to literally bring your favorite cozy quilt with you everywhere you go!

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