Kale is King, George is a Prince

Kale is the base of our Green Smoothie we drink every day for our arthritis and feel good with a preppy step elixir. We have a small patch (15′ by 15′) in the garden for growing a few veg for fresh salads but last year George decided we should grow our own.

First bushel of kale & swiss chard, ready to make greenie pucks for our winter smoothies.

So I guess you could say our crop is organic, no chemicals just good old manure, no pest spray maybe a bit of beer in cups to catch slugs, chicken wire fence to keep the rodents out & hoe, hoe, hoe. Hence, Prince George, gardener of veg & a beautiful flower garden too.

Link to our recipe here… Our Greenie

To make the greenie pucks, I process the kale, swiss chard, spinach etc in the vita mix with a bit of water, freeze the thick juice in cupcake tins, about 3/4 cup size, & this is the base or start of the smoothie.

Shhh, George’s birthday in June, celebrating 89 healthy active years.

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