Dream customer!

Not just a thanks for the lovely tea cozy! Maggie has an oversized teapot like mine but with very little call for this size, it was custom made for her. I found her to be a lovely person to deal with, an ex-patriot Canadian living in Australia for many years. Read her letter of thanks & be sure to see the picture she sent at the end of her letter to me.

Hello Shirley,

I trust you and your families are faring well during this very trying time of the COVID pandemic, and pray you all will stay that way. Hopefully, the weather is kind so that you can enjoy a walk and some sunshine.
I got up this morning for my first cup of tea for the day and remembered I hadn’t thanked you for the tea cozies and beautifully gifted pot holders, which of course will remain as table decorations. You are so very kind. I have washed my old cozy and it will now join the ‘outside’ table wear. 
When your parcel arrived, we were just leaving for a northern seaside town, and I put several parcels away for attention upon our return.  We ended up staying away for a month instead of our usual week sojourn. Then it was getting back to home and trying to re-establish some sense of normalcy amid this COVID -19, and pick up the threads of where I left off.

How delighted I was with my purchases and your craftsmanship. 
I’ve taken a photo of my delights. Your giggle for the day. Not the best shot at 7:AM. I just wanted you to know everything had arrived.
Cheers and Blessings, Maggie

Maggie with her new Canada Tea Cozies…1 on the big pot & 1 on her head…tsk tsk. Such a nice person to deal with. Thanks for shopping in my shop for your tea cozies.

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