Make & Donate Face Masks

This is a pretty easy pattern to make with your cotton scraps plus, I like this one because you can adapt it to a filter. The ties are the most requested by the medical community so you can sew & donate to anyone with the need for a non-surgical mask. Great if you need to slip out of lock-down for necessities, laundromat, have a cold or just getting out for some fresh air. I used elastic till I ran out then made my own binding but you can also use a washable ribbon. I have coffee filters (yes we still use the old fashioned coffeemaker), cut to size and twist tie garden twine for the nose shaping (both are at the dollar store). The fabric should be pre-washed but if not, make your masks then wash to get the preservatives out of the cotton. Happy sewing & remember the joy is in the giving.

Face-mask pattern to use up your cotton scraps.

Here is another one you can make if you have vacuum bags.


A study performed at Cambridge University during the H1N1 flu pandemic concluded that the vacuum bags were one of the top materials to use as a DIY surgical mask. The filtration and material of the bags helped capture the harmful airborne pathogens and provide protection to the users wearing the mask made of vacuum bags. HOW TO MAKE A SURGICAL MASK WITH VACUUM BAGS

Another from Hong Kong

Simple DIY Face Masks for Sickness Prevention Click link to go to the web page for written directions.

And Finally this one was just posted on YouTube.

Happy sewing!

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