Dr. Greger on Pandemic Prevention 2013

First a little about me & how I started to follow this Doctor. A year ago I switched to Whole Food Plant-Based Diet with no meat, dairy or fish to help me with arthritis that seems to be getting to the point where pills were not helping. I had gained a lot of weight primarily because exercising was painful so I was very much out of shape. Dieting without exercise does not work for losing weight…sigh.

My new nutritional eating worked wonders & in short order, I was walking 2 to 5 KM or able to swim a few lengths at the pool, usually daily. I lost weight, felt energetic and better than I had in many years. I learned “Let food be your medicine” & the healthy benefits of the diet.

I started following the founding PLANT-BASED Doctors in search of information for balanced nutrition… to find what supplements I should be using. This is how I came to hear of Dr. Michael Greger with really good guidance that made sense to me on this new way of nutrition/diet.

So when we entered this new Pandemic, I looked for more information, wanting to understand why this was happening. 7 years ago, Dr. Greger did this lecture on Pandemics that is understandable in layman language. I hope you all will watch it so you have a better understanding as I did. Click the Youtube link below.

Dr. Michael Greger on Pandemic Prevention | Infectious Diseases, Aids, Climate Change, Influenza

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